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The Genius Test

Can't figure out what the actual answer is? Maybe you've come up with something better we should have considered. Give us your suggestions below and check out what some of the other more inventive if not genius people have come up with!

**This is not the place to give or check the answer... idiots.

h w l by the s d by the s

5962 liked, 1784 disliked he was laid by the slut down by the shore
4045 liked, 1631 disliked he who live by the sun die by the sun
1983 liked, 2068 disliked horny wishful lesbians by the sexy dikes by the sea
1448 liked, 1140 disliked he will live by the stars, die by the silence
1081 liked, 815 disliked HOBO WITH LICE BY THE SEA DIED BY THE STORM
1008 liked, 339 disliked Hey white lady by the sun! Dig by the sand
947 liked, 444 disliked he will lay by the sea & die by the sea
907 liked, 897 disliked howl by the seed by the sea
885 liked, 266 disliked He Was Loved By The Savior, Damned By The Sinners
766 liked, 254 disliked hitler was loved by the serious dipshits by the seashore
744 liked, 572 disliked hey whiny lady by the seashore dive by the ships
642 liked, 352 disliked Hey wonderful lover by the shade. Dance by the sun!
615 liked, 412 disliked he waited long by the sea down by the sea
603 liked, 253 disliked hippys who live by the smoke die by the smoke
530 liked, 245 disliked hey weird lady by the sand! Douche by the sea!
524 liked, 255 disliked He was loved by the slutty dame by the swings
520 liked, 152 disliked he who lay by the shovel dies by the sand
518 liked, 177 disliked horny whales live by the sex, die by the sea
506 liked, 236 disliked he will lie by the sand dug by the shovel
504 liked, 169 disliked he which lie by the sand dance by the sea
502 liked, 161 disliked humans who live by the sun die by the sea
488 liked, 141 disliked Harolds wife layed by the strap-on devastated by the sheer-size
469 liked, 147 disliked hairy wildabeasts lay by the sand. Dramatizing by the Sea
467 liked, 229 disliked how will lesbians by the sex day by the shag
162 liked, 121 disliked Hmm, whoever lived by the sun died by the shotgun
155 liked, 147 disliked horny women live by the same dude by the shore
141 liked, 152 disliked height width length by the side description by the side
139 liked, 128 disliked hippys will live by sand dunes by the sea
137 liked, 140 disliked hitler was liked by the soldiers dying by the shore
137 liked, 115 disliked hillbillies will live by the soil, die by the soil
132 liked, 137 disliked Hither withering long by the shade's dawn by the schilling.
131 liked, 113 disliked huge water lumberjack by the salty dessert by the sandwiches
131 liked, 127 disliked he will live by the south die bye the south
131 liked, 105 disliked he was lying by the stupid dude by the shade
130 liked, 136 disliked he wasn't lost by the school down by the shipyard
130 liked, 151 disliked he was licked by the snake dog by the school
130 liked, 103 disliked he will lay by the sun die by the sea
130 liked, 174 disliked hot whales live by the sea doo by the sand
130 liked, 142 disliked howl by the side by the stars
129 liked, 131 disliked hungry wolves laugh by the side drown by the side
129 liked, 146 disliked he was late by the sun dial by the statue
129 liked, 133 disliked hang white linens by the sun deck by the sea
129 liked, 127 disliked hairy women by the street died by the sea
129 liked, 165 disliked hot walruses live by the sea doping by their sons
129 liked, 141 disliked he will live by the small district by the shadows
129 liked, 130 disliked holy water lives by the soulful demon by the sea
129 liked, 115 disliked Humping Walrus's Lie by the shade down by the sea
128 liked, 172 disliked hey woman lay by the sandy dog by the shade
128 liked, 133 disliked he was laying down by the shed by the store
128 liked, 124 disliked He who lives by the street digs by the snow.
128 liked, 148 disliked haywire whales like the sad donkeys by the sandstone
128 liked, 110 disliked how will lizards by the sea die by the sun
128 liked, 130 disliked humping watery leeches by the sensible disciples by the sun
128 liked, 137 disliked happy wanking leprachauns by the sexy deer by the sea.
128 liked, 138 disliked howling wolves live by the sea die by the sun
128 liked, 142 disliked he wasn't loud by the sounding dragon by the sun
127 liked, 143 disliked He walked Lady by the store down by the sign
127 liked, 199 disliked hey whore lick by the statue dirt by the statue
127 liked, 185 disliked His wife layed by the sea docks by the ships
127 liked, 163 disliked hoe-bag wangstas lay by the shit dunes by the sea
127 liked, 131 disliked He was laid by the sun's daughter by the snackstand
127 liked, 105 disliked hello why lie by the sun down by the sea
127 liked, 133 disliked hot whales live by the sea docks by the shore
127 liked, 108 disliked he was loved by the shunned disliked by the saved
127 liked, 182 disliked homosexuals wilted less by the setting dome by the sun
127 liked, 121 disliked how will lobsters by the sea settle down by the shore
127 liked, 132 disliked Heaven will listen by saphire doors by the stars
126 liked, 170 disliked homes will leek by the sewer drain by the street
126 liked, 146 disliked home with lady by the sand, dead by the sea
126 liked, 127 disliked he will linger by the swimming dock by the sea
126 liked, 130 disliked he was laying by the shoe departement by the shoes
126 liked, 152 disliked hippos will litter by the super diner by the saddle
125 liked, 128 disliked hello why lie by the sun down by the sea
125 liked, 142 disliked he was lingering by the south dam by the river
125 liked, 154 disliked he will live by the sand dug by the snowman
124 liked, 150 disliked hey witty lady by the swing down by the sand